Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Hubble Telescope Doesn't Exist!


Flat Earth | Sofia Greater Than Hubble??? | CROW777 & Robert Bassano (1/2)
Published on Dec 16, 2016
CROW777 Podcast with Robert Bassano. Watch this presentation and share it with everyone you know. This is part 1/2, featuring CROW777 and Robert Bassano! More hardcore observational evidence for those that want to cling on to NASA fraud and continuously look at what is above your heads to dictate the ground upon which you stand! Full exploration of the surface upon which you stand is what gets the job done! What is above you head has its own clues to let you know we have all been lied to since day one, but you need to sit back and pay attention to this information. This is not a 1 minute presentation fast food style. So take you time, watch it in segments if you must. But just like Robert Bassano has always said "it's not what you know.. it's what you can prove!" His research and presentations from his channel are among the best I have seen, so I am compelled to share them with my audience right here on UMTV.
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Flat Earth | Sofia Greater Than Hubble??? | CROW777 & Robert Bassano (2/2)
Published on Dec 17, 2016
What is above our heads does not determine the shape of the ground upon which we stand! FULL EXPLORATION will once and for all.. PROVE the exact model, whether there is some type of limit (aka firmament) more land being hidden.. or if we are on an infinite plane.. we can't determine that until we FULLY EXPLORE! Globe model believers.. who simply can't get over the original lies by NASA and the GLOBALIST ELITE SCUM that concocted the heliocentric model, well .. your chance to prove that model.. is guess what.. ACHIEVED BY FULLY EXPLORING.. HELLO! ...HELLO..MC FLY.. ANYONE HOME?.. THINK MC FLY.. THINK! NASA Can't prove their globe, yet you want to run around and regurgitate the lie in hopes of proving it for them, why are you wasting your time, STAND WITH THE PEOPLE.. THE ONES WHO ARE QUESTIONING AND ALERTING YOUR ASS TO THE FRAUD AND THE LIES! If you think everything is a bowel of cherries.. or NOT EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY.. then I can't help you.. you are likely brainwashed by the controlled opposition media arm.. AKA ALEX JONES.. Mark Dice and their crew! They won't look into Flat Earth .. they defend NASA fraud.. that should raise a huge red flag for anyone who IS A REAL TRUTH SEEKER!
So for those that are trying to say what is above our heads.. determines the ground upon which you stand.. better listen to this podcast in full, you think you have all the proof you need above your head about where you stand, lol.. your boys at NASA haven't been straight with you.. unfortunately for you.. all of what you see above you head doesn't match up with the bullshit they fed you! So, listen close!
Published on Jul 5, 2016 by Planate Veritas