Monday, May 22, 2017

Trolls Try to Debunk Flat Earth Reality BUT Fail!


Flat Earth Metabunk Debunked
Published on May 14, 2017
Last week Joe Rogan devoted yet another entire episode of his podcast to calling out me, Eric Dubay, and the Flat Earth. Proving once again what a sold-out traitor he is, Joe has even taken to wearing a "Round Earth Shill" shirt to mock those of us who are exposing him. He is visibly concerned at the rapid rise of the flat Earth movement and what it will mean for him, his Mason friends, and their cozy lucrative shill-jobs. In this video I debunk every argument he and Mick West attempt to throw at me. To learn more about out flat, motionless Earth, please visit:
Joe Rogan vs Eric Dubay
Published on Apr 21, 2017
Many years ago before having his own "Joe Rogan Questions Everything" TV show and before JRE was the world's biggest podcast, Joe Rogan was a vocal proponent exposing NASA's Moon landing hoax. He debated Penn Gillette, Phil Plait, Mancow, and many others brilliantly explaining the problems and inconsistencies with NASA's supposed Moon landings. Then one day, around Joe's Sci-Fi channel show premier, he had NASA spokesman Neil Degrasse Tyson on his podcast, praised him to a sycophantic degree, and back-peddled 180 degrees on his Moon hoax stance from stating unequivocally that (and I quote) "there is no way we went to the Moon," to stating equally unequivocally that, "there is no way that it was a hoax." Since this hypocritical 180, Joe has continued to have Neil Tyson and other establishment shills on his show, while simultaneously silencing and condemning people with anti-establishment views like his best friend Eddie Bravo. In the following video you will see Joe arrogantly, aggressively, and disrespectfully ridiculing and attempting to silence Eddie from speaking his mind about NASA, Flat Earth, Dinosaurs, Chemtrails, and other topics which Joe has clearly become a gate-keeper for.
To learn more about our flat, motionless Earth, please visit:
shill and shill
Joe Rogan's Moon Hoax Mystery
Published on Jan 16, 2015
Many years ago Joe Rogan was a passionate and outspoken critic of NASA in general and the Apollo moon landing hoax in particular. He exposed the hoax on Mancow, debated and schooled "Bad Astronomer" Phil Plait and "Bullshit's" Penn Jillette. Then suddenly, with no explanation, shortly after getting his own "Joe Rogan Questions Everything" TV show on Sci-Fi, Joe did a complete 180 and changed from unequivocally saying "there is no way people landed on the Moon," to saying "there is no way it was a hoax!" In the following video, his best friend Eddie Bravo calls Joe out on this clear, unexpected and mysterious change of heart, saying, "Joe, you used to be the Moon hoax crusader, then something happened. What happened, Joe? What happened?" 
Joe Rogan ~ The NWO Puppet [What he doesn't want you to know]
Published on May 20, 2017
Joe Rogan, the Moon Hoax and Flat earth
NEW Joe Rogan suddenly changes his stance on the moon landing , him explaining it, and even more evidence!