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A Bit of History on Islam and Terrorism!

Brigitte Gabriel and Dave Rubin: Terrorism, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Linda Sarsour
The Rubin Report
Published on May 19, 2017
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Brigitte Gabriel (National Security Expert) joins Dave Rubin to discuss her childhood under brutal terrorism in Lebanon, why national security is an American issue, the Muslim Brotherhood, her views of Linda Sarsour, the "gullible" women's movement in America, and much more. Subscribe:
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Brigitte Gabriel
National Security Expert
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Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam - Brigitte Gabriel #islam #religionofpeace
Published on Feb 12, 2016
Brigitte Gabriel gives a short history lesson about Islam at the Values Voter Summit in 2015. As usual she gives an impassioned speech about the dangers that Islam poses to the United States and the world. 
Here's the link to her full speech at the conference:
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They Must Be Stopped
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Examining the Newest Historical Research on Islam and the Earliest Quranic Manuscripts - Jay Smith
Published on Dec 22, 2016

With so much of the world focused on ISIS these days, a group which uses and is absolutely dependent on the Qur'an and their prophet Muhammad for their authority, it is important to look at just how authoritative they both are historically. I will look at the newest data we have on Muhammad, as well as the Qur'anic manuscript evidence, including a look at the 6 earliest Manuscripts, and the new Qur'anic folios which are being dated using Carbon 14 dating (including the Birmingham folios highlighted by BBC in July 2015), which suggest that Qur'anic Suras are not only older than the Qur'an, but older than Muhammad and Islam as well! I will compare these with our Biblical material to show just how much more historical evidence we have for our Bible and Jesus Christ, than exists for their Qur'an and Muhammad.