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Is It Too Late For Europe?

Europe's Right-Wing Youth Activists are Striking Back Against Multi-Culturalism
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Published on Apr 27, 2017
Europe has seen a lurch to the right, with anti-establishment movements spreading throughout the continent. In this special = report, SBS Dateline ask what attracts people to these extreme viewpoints and whether the far-right is here to stay. Subscribe to Journeyman here: 
Formerly associated with fringe members of society, the far-right has become an increasingly mainstream political movement. Europe's new generation of right-wingers are socially astute, and know how to make their message heard. "We see ourselves as the voice for a forgotten generation", says Martin Sellner, the young social media-savvy leader of the Identitarian group in Austria. "We want to defend the identity of Europe", he states.

Groups like the Identitarians have sprung up across Europe and are a far cry from the far-right groups most people think of. Indeed, they wish to distance themselves from neo-Nazis and other such outfits, whom they see as radical - though they share the same concerns. "If you look at the younger generation, we have 60-70% of children who already have migration backgrounds", he frets. 

Whilst Martin and his associates assure the public they harbour no ill-will towards foreigners, just concern for their compatriots, anti-fascist activists are quick to call them out. "They say to themselves, they are not left wing, they are not right wing, they are, like, patriotic", says activist Anna Muller, "but they are really far-right".

Muslims are not integrating into Irish Society
Internet Ghettos
Published on Feb 3, 2017

Europe is doomed. Police in Bulgaria attacked by crazed migrants.
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Published on Dec 2, 2016
MUST READ NOW! AMAZON LINK Hasta la Vista Europe! What you’re not being told about the refugee crisis and how it’s destroying Europe...

Our favorite new book reveals what is really happening across Europe. 
Here, a brief commentary on the November 2016 migrant riots in Bulgaria at the Harmanli refugee center, housing 3,000 Muslim migrants mostly fighting age males from Afghanistan. After 100+ migrants were found to be diseased, a medical quarantine was called for the center. Crazed blood-thirsty migrants became enraged and rioted.... ONE VERSION OF THIS VIDEO STATES "SMALL POX" was among the diseases found based on a faulty translation from German. IT SHOULD SAY JUST "CHICKEN POX" or "POX." Authorities are being rather secretive as to the extent of diseases found.

Europe is Doomed. Don't believe it? Look at Germany
Published on Nov 19, 2016
MUST READ NOW! AMAZON LINK Hasta la Vista Europe! What you’re not being told about the refugee crisis and how it’s destroying Europe
Our favorite new book reveals what is really happening across Europe. 
Here, a brief look at Germany... in the new Europe. 
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Why is Nobody Talking about This ... Will It Happen Summer 2017?
Published on Feb 14, 2016

Is Greece turning into Nazi Germany?

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Published on Jul 8, 2013
Thug Politics - Greece: The rise of the Golden Dawn political party, they claim they are saving modern Greece, but are they preaching a neo-nazi ideology? Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: 
EU Immigration's Shocking New Trend
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Published on Apr 8, 2013
The EU's New Refugees: Waves of immigration have always been a source of political tension in Europe. Now, the EU is facing up to an unusual new migration worry: floods of migrants fleeing from the continent's faltering economies.
For downloads and more visit: boom years are over, and now faltering European nations are all experiencing this new trend in emigration. In the Portuguese capital Lisbon, queues form outside African embassies as EU citizens try to acquire working visas. According to ex-pat Juliana Fleming, "I know many people who are trying to sell their homes in Portugal, to settle in Mozambique". 300,000 have left Spain since the banking crisis in 2008. Chef Carlos Garcia couldn't find work in Madrid, so instead went to look in Argentina. "You walk in the centre of Buenos Aires, and you feel like you are in Spain. I strongly recommend it to anyone who sees no future prospects". And though many of those escaping do wish to return if the situation improves back home, most aren't hopeful about how soon that may be. "First it was 2013, now they say 2014. We'll see."