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Latest News on Obama. Nothing Surprising to Most People!

Obama Tries To Pull A Fast One On Trey Gowdy!
Published on Jun 30, 2017

Obama Caught Leaving US After Loretta Lynch Investigation Uncovers Barack’s Big Secret
Published on Jun 25, 2017
Obama Caught Leaving US After Loretta Lynch Investigation Uncovers Barack’s Big Secret
Barack, Michelle, and the Obama daughters have left the United States in a hush-hush trip to one country that can provide Barack cover if he truly gets into hot water over the Loretta Lynch investigation. Recent reports are shocking and go well beyond Lynch’s tarmac visit with Bill Clinton. In fact, it’s Barack who has ties to Russia, and Lynch will have to save herself by confirming the former president’s big secret that the investigation is about to announce.Barack and Michelle decided to take a trip to Indonesia, one of the countries that the U.S. has no extradition agreement with and the country where as a boy Barry “Soetoro” lived with his biological mom and her husband Lolo Soetoro. They made sure their daughters came along, and the timing is suspect as things are heating up for the old Obama administration.
Barack Obama’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is now under investigation by the Senate Intel Committee, and they have disclosed just what they are looking at in terms of Lynch. The allegation is “political interference.” As CBS News reports, “FBI had obtained hacked documents that included one about a Democratic operative who had “expressed confidence that Ms. Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going too far.”
The report goes on, “[This information] had come from a Russian intelligence document describing an email allegedly sent by then DNC-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Open Society Foundations. The alleged email was supposed to have said that Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign’s Amanda Renteria that the FBI investigation would not ‘go too far.”‘
There are a few things here that are quite shocking. First, Open Society Foundation is owned by George Soros. Secondly, we have The Washington Post, which is known to collude with the Clinton campaign, saying it was Russia intelligence allegedly involved in hacking the DNC. All of this under Barack Obama’s watch, right?
We know the DNC got hacked, but we do not know by whom. The Russia hacking has never been proven as Trey Gowdy masterfully brought out last week. We do have two things here that are very concerning for Barack Obama. Lynch’s boss was Obama, and if Lynch did anything, it was at the behest of her boss. Also, the mention of the George Soros’ foundation smack dab in the middle of this should be signaling alarm bells.
Lynch is already known for “pleading the fifth” to save Obama. “Attorney General Loretta Lynch is declining to comply with an investigation by leading members of Congress about the Obama administration’s secret efforts to send Iran $1.7 billion in cash earlier this year, prompting accusations that Lynch has “pleaded the Fifth” Amendment,” reported Washington Free Beacon.
So, she saved Obama back then, but how about now? Detailed reports have untangled the web about where the Russian hacking and Russian colluding with Donald Trump stories came from, and they trace back to George Soro’s Open Society Foundation employee and Democratic operative Alexandra Chalupa. This goes all the way to the top, to Barack Obama working with Soros. The question is will Loretta Lynch take the fall for Obama?I don’t see why she would unless Obama or his minions get to her first. Obama probably will never see jail time, but he could be subpoenaed to testify, and that could prove very embarrassing and could hurt his beloved legacy. We all know he is a criminal and worked with Soros to try to bring Trump down, but we also know people get murdered who try to expose something that big. Barack and Michelle could stay in Indonesia for a while so Barack can put off testifying. At least one good thing has come from this — President Donald Trump is finally proving that they are the liars and he was always telling the truth.
New Obama Scandal Rocks Nation - This Will Sink Michelle Too
Published on Jun 25, 2017
New Obama Scandal Rocks Nation
Of all the Obama scandals this one is the worst. Because it is insidious, a slow crawl towards a totalitarian state.That is no small feat because this great nation has beat back every other attempt to turn it into a monarchy or dictatorship.
Obama wanted to be President for life. He admitted as much when he told a group of African leaders he would love to stay on for another term or six but he could not because of the law.
But he added, I’m good at the job implying that it was a shame that he, the great Obama, could not stay on forever ruling the world.
Sorry, Barack get a real job.
According to The Federalist Papers, the National Review just dropped a bombshell report that proves Obama should be behind bars and half of his administration right there with him for what they did when they ran the NSA.
According to the report Obama, “intentionally and routinely intercepted and reviewed communications of American citizens in violation of the Constitution.”
But that is not all. The treachery runs deep with Obama and the Democrats. As the report states, they knew and covered it up.“While aware that it was going on for an extensive period of time, the administration failed to disclose its unlawful surveillance of Americans until late October 2016, when the administration was winding down and the NSA needed to meet a court deadline in order to renew various surveillance authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).”
How is this not the biggest scandal in the history of the United Sates of America?
The report goes on,
“The administration’s stonewalling about the scope of the violation induced an exasperated Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to accuse the NSA of an institutional lack of candor in connection with what the court described as a very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”You think? Obama should be tried and convicted for his crimes and Michelle should not get to spend one penny of that huge pension she thinks is hers. Nope, it’s ours and if you violate the law you shouldn’t get it. Sorry Michelle, get a real job.

Obama’s Ex Girlfriend Breaks Silence, Drops Bombshell About His ‘Intimate’ Relationships
Published on Jun 22, 2017
Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend Breaks Silence, Drops Bombshell About His ‘Intimate’ Relationships
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Barack Obama’s ex-girlfriend Genevieve Cook is clearing the air about their intimate relationship, and it’s quite a bombshell. Cook dated Obama for over a year when Barack was twenty-two, and she kept journal entries that back up all her memories. Cook opened up, giving new information about the 44th president’s sexual relationships. You don’t want to miss this.
Cook relayed to Obama biographer David Maraniss that Barack was uncomfortable with intimacy. Cook wrote that in their relationship, “the sexual warmth is definitely there – but the rest of it has sharp edges.” Today, she remembers “feeling anger” at Obama, whose “warmth can be deceptive.”
She builds on his coldness to allude to other issues, and this is definitely not something his campaign would have ever wanted anyone to know when he was running for president. It’s only now that Obama is out of the presidency that Cook felt she would not be in danger for disclosing personal details.
“Though he speaks sweet words, there is also that coolness,” she recalled. Cook is being generous. What she is saying is that Obama is a cold bastard, she speaks of his caring nature, but like a snake, there was nothing but cold dead eyes. Telegraph reported, “Her journal recalled a 22-year-old man who wore ‘a comfy T-shirt depicting buxom women,’ and was marked by the smells of ‘running sweat, Brut spray deodorant, smoking, eating raisins, sleeping, breathing.'”
Ms. Cook “engaged [Mr. Obama] in the deepest romantic relationship of his young life,” Maraniss writes, but they separated in 1985. Reflecting on the “emotional scarring” that made him hard to get close to, she wrote at the time, “I guess I hoped time would change things, and he’d let go and ‘fall in love’ with me.” Cook’s take is in direct opposition to Obama’s own reflections on their relationship, and she is clear, Obama was lying all throughout his bogus book “Dreams From My Father.”
Obama’s Resistance Coming To Tear Down The West
Fight the most important battle of our lifetime, the lifestyle-robbing conspiracy; the one unlike the fake Russians-stole-the-election one keeping the one that matters most well-hidden from public view
By Judi McLeod —— Bio and Archives
July 12, 2017
The biggest tragedy of modern day history is that a president who came into office hating America, and held fast to his tenure for eight long years before being replaced by a president the American lib-left is teaching the world to hate.
The visceral,  stoked-up “repeat-after-me” hatred of President Donald Trump is the only sign of life in the zombies infected by the pure hate they pick up while watching T.V.
Their hate is of a mindless kind that spews catch-all phrases like “He’s a bigot”, “a racist”,  “a misogynist”  in ready defence of their no-cure malice.
Most brainwashed zombies don’t even know why they hate Trump—they just do
Most brainwashed zombies don’t even know why they hate Trump—they just do.
It took Barack Obama eight years to sic an abiding hatred of America on a largely unsuspecting world.
It took only six months for the Trump administration to expose the true Obama legacy writ big on a well-hidden, but tell-tale wall.
Obama’s grandiose 2008 sendoff from Chicago’s Grant Park came complete with the melodrama of the joyful tears of public figures like Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey.
The message to the world: America had elected its first black president.
How could the America he branded as racist be all that racist when Obama was voted in not once but twice as President?
Incredibly, Obama and his masters used the roughly 50 percent of Americans who never cast their votes for him as the ticket to ride their Racist Train.
Obama counts neither his blessings nor stars for reaching the top, but worked only to take down the country that elected him.
Obama worked only to take down the country that elected him
The 50 per cent who denied Obama their vote on the basis of his Marxist policies watched helplessly as he stoked racial discord, while luxuriating in the dolce vita on generous American tax dollars.
Obama leaves behind a legacy of dead police officers, destroyed families, a rampaging #Black Lives Matter, all in the name of a politically pumped up, non-existent White Privilege.
It is blacks and not just whites who proudly identify as Christians, but it was Obama who drummed God out of the Public Square, calling on Christians to climb down “off their high horses”.  It was Obama who wanted transgendered males in school girl washrooms;  Obama’s wife who worried an entire nation about their their kids going hungry at school,  because of her imposed unappetizing school lunches,  and Obama who insisted that global warming/climate change was a bigger threat to humanity than Islamist terrorism and its slow but incremental spread of Sharia Law throughout the land called America.
Going straight over the mainstream media’s heads was that while Obama sounded good in his speeches, he really said nothing.
Obama excelled at luring like-minded world ‘leaders’ to his side, unabashedly even luring the likes of ‘Christ’s Bishop of Rome’ to his wicked course of destruction.
No matter that Obama is world champion of abortion, including partial birth abortion, Pope Francis jumped four-square into the global warming/climate change hoax, and as one of Obama’s most noteworthy recruits, is still out there bad-mouthing America:
During his time in office, Obama guaranteed that defending the West would someday soon bring on the charge of “RACISM!”
‘Pope Francis Says America Has ‘a Distorted Vision of the World’. (, July 8, 2017)
But it’s the things we never heard about until after he left the Oval Office where Obama caused the most damage.
During his time in office, Obama guaranteed that defending the West would someday soon bring on the charge of “RACISM!”
It came thundering down upon Western society when Trump made his address in Poland:
“Trump’s Poland Speech Was the Fulfillment of Osama Bin Laden’s Ideology.” Malcolm Nance, MSNBC, July -, 2017.
Some media attacks on Trump’s defence of the West attempted subtlety:
Peter Beinart, who writes for the Atlantic, berated Trump for using the term “the West” 10 times in his Poland address.  He criticized Trump for using the phrase “our civilization” five times, proclaiming “His white nationalist supporters will understand exactly what Trump means.”
According to Beinart, Trump supporters are “white nationalist supporters”
According to Beinart, Trump supporters are “white nationalist supporters”.
Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post: “Trump’s white nationalist dog whistles in Warsaw.”
Without the Freedom of the West, there would be no Nance, no Beinart,  no Capehart.  In fact, no mainstream media, no way of life paid for in blood by all of those who fought for our freedom and liberty.
Full of unbridled glee as Unelected Leader of the Resistance, it is America-hating Obama who attempts to leave President Donald Trump as the last man standing
The scribes of the modern day Pharisees forget that it was God Almighty,  the Creator of all life,  Who created the West.
Full of unbridled glee as Unelected Leader of the Resistance, it is America-hating Obama who attempts to leave President Donald Trump as the last man standing.
They’re coming to tear down Western civilization.
Pray like you’ve never prayed before.  Pray that God’s Providence will keep President Trump propped up to fight the most important battle of our lifetime, the lifestyle-robbing conspiracy;  the one unlike the fake Russians-stole-the-election one keeping the one that matters most well-hidden from public view.

Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.