Monday, July 31, 2017

From The Street: Legal Immigrants Okay, Fake Refugees Not!


You won't believe the opinions of these immigrants!...
Published on Apr 5, 2017
1:52 Kuwaiti woman's advice to Islamic Apologists. If you don't like the music played at a nightclub, go to a different one.
3:17 White guy tells an Iranian Immigrant that "There's no space for racists".
5:25 Victim of Iranian Islamic blasphemy law slams Canada's Islamic blasphemy law.
5:56 Another victim of Iranian speech laws is baffled by the most parasitic alliance in history: The IsLeftmists.
7:08 Based Pakistani Man laments Trudeau legislating the very blasphemy laws he fled from.
8:34 Not sure why this is so hard to understand.
9:00 The truth behind mass immigration.
10:05 Brigitte Gabriel explains to a self-centered Muslim why russian-roulette is bad.
10:27 Dis gon be good.
13:19 Former Somalian refugee returns to Somalia as a Swedish refugee.
15:55 German Yazidis are now refugees again thanks to Germany.
17:20 Swedish Somalian explains how Sweden is more Islamic than Somalia.
20:39 Mexican American embarrasses White American over Mexico.
21:52 Leftist holding a "Hate has no home here" sign spits in the face of a Latino.
23:23 F***ing hilarious.
26:56 Message to the mainstream media.
27:02 Uncle Chang speaks the truth.
30:04 Serbian immigrant suggests that those who've never experienced war are the privileged ones. I'd say that's a fair point.
32:13 Swedish asylum seeker asks the questions on every sane person's mind.
33:02 Trump's very simple immigration policy explained.

Canada’s Fake Refugee Crisis
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