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Canadians Can Get Prison For Refusing To Use Gender Pronouns!

The Liberal Party of Canada

Prison For Refusing Gender Pronouns? Lawyer Explains Bill C-16, Compelled Speech, to Canadian Senate
Published on May 21, 2017
Lawyer Jared Brown explains how you can be imprisoned for refusing to use invented gender pronouns, once Bill C-16 is passed by the Canadian Senate. Bill C-16 will also allow men to use women's washrooms and change rooms. The Senate will take its final vote on Bill C-16 as early as May 30. Please sign these two petitions to oppose Bill C-16, and to support the politicians who are resisting it: 
Petition #1
Petition #2
Note that while these two petitions are oriented toward bathroom rights, it is the same Bill C-16 that is causing both problems: Enforced gender pronouns and trans-gender bathroom rights.
Bill C-16 will make Canadians worry that they might be charged with hate speech crimes, if they criticize non-binary gender theories. By intimidating Canadians into silence, Bill C-16 will limit all Canadians' ability to oppose gender-neutral indoctrination in schools. Such indoctrination can be dangerously confusing for children. In addition, Bill C-16 will recognize in law, various non-binary gender theories that contradict overwhelming scientific evidence. After Bill C-16 is passed, the Department of Justice will add policies to the law that will likely allow men to use women's washrooms and change rooms across Canada. It will thereby deprive women of their right to privacy and safety. In addition, Bill C-16 will compel all Canadians to use invented gender pronouns. Thus, it will require Canadians to implicitly acknowledge gender theories that they disagree with. Disobeying this law could result in imprisonment, as lawyer Jared Brown has explained in his Senate testimony. Politicians who vote for Bill C-16 will be responsible for risking the mental health and normal sexual development of all Canadian children. Supporters of Bill C-16 will also be guilty of undermining all Canadians' freedom of speech. It is highly unethical to support Bill C-16, and all Canadian politicians should oppose it.
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Also, please consider emailing your Member of Parliament and the Senate Committee. It's easy! Simply select one of the sample letters at the bottom of the following web page, and click a few buttons to send it:
For example, you can select "EasyMail Letter 3 – Bill C-16 violates freedom of thought and expression"
The email addresses for all Canadian senators are here:
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