Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kevin Johnson Charged with "Hate Crime" For Criticizing Islam!


Journalist charged with "hate motivated" crime for criticizing Islam
Published on Jul 26, 2017
Ezra Levant of explains in detail how the government is targeting conservatives critical of Islam. Is The Rebel next? MORE:
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Canadians, stand up for your rights and contact your MP, send Trudeau an email, scream it out your window, do something about this outrageous charge against Kevin J. Johnson. If you don't do anything, if nobody does anything, soon we will ALL lose our rights. 
Forget free speech, your God-given right to voice your opinion about anything will not only vanish but you could be charged with a hate crime. Complaining later won't fix it when it's now that your rights are being threatened.
This is not the Canada I want to live in or see my progeny inherit. And this is not the Canada that my father and uncles fought for in World War II. They fought so we could have freedoms of all kinds including freedom of speech and now we see that it is being abused. 
Let me help you get started:
Tell your friends, neighbours, family, anyone with a pulse, that we have to stand up now, not later, and demand the powers that we elected, our servants, to stop forcing archaic laws down our throats, and that we DO NOT want to lose our freedoms.