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Who Owns Your House?


What Banks, Governments and federal Law Firms Hope You Never Discover Mortgage Fraud Scam Exposed
Patrick Davis
Published on Aug 12, 2016

Secrets Banks DON'T Want YOU to Know: The Truth About Your Home Mortgage - TM [MIRRORED]
Published on Jun 23, 2017
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Mortgage Compliance Investigators
(Licensed Private Investigators)

Bank Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure - Cancel Your Mortgage Today
Published on Apr 4, 2013
Fight the Bank Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud - We are a Mortgage, Note, Loan Securitization, and Foreclosure Education company and we can and do offer educational and legal mortgage, securitization, foreclosure defense, and mortgage loan information and attorney drawn letters and forms that work to get
you a Satisfaction of Mortgage with a Corrective Warranty Deed to your property in less than 90 days.
70 Million Property Titles Are Fraud Is Yours One Of Them?
Published on Sep 24, 2012
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Do you have a MIN (MERS Identification number) on your title? Mers Titles Are Fake. This is a must need to know information for anyone who is looking at buying a home or will be closing on one anytime soon.
Check Out Dave Kreiger's website Clouded Titles here:
The following video below is an in depth interview with Dave Krieger the author of Clouded Titles.
Mortgage Fraud Exposed - WHO OWNS YOUR HOUSE?
David Young
Published on Jul 26, 2012
60 minutes exposes these mortgage fraud activities from banks. WHO OWNS YOUR HOUSE? Find out how to STOP YOUR MORTAGE PAYMENTS NOW! Visit: to STOP MORTAGE FORECLOSURE FAST!
Home Owners are winning court cases all over the country with our education administrative process and quiet title action method. Some home owners may not have to go to court, depending on the bank.

Learn mortgage and foreclosure defense strategies that work, so you can fight mortgage and foreclosure fraud.
Litigate your Lender | Sue your Bank to Erase your Mortgage
Published on Jul 30, 2011
Litigate your Lender and Erase Your Mortgage! Get a principal balance reduction, restructure your loan, get a cash settlement. Turn your house back into an ASSET!