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Magicians Sold Their Souls For Fame and Money!


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Authored or posted by Pao Chang
Updated on March 6th, 2017 | Published on July 6, 2016
One of the greatest tricks the Dark Forces have achieved is brainwashing people to believe that magic (magick) is not real. When you do not know magic is real, it makes you vulnerable to being controlled by magic.
One of your greatest spiritual powers for weakening the effects of magic spells is your awareness. When you become aware of how magic spells are used to control you, they can not affect your mind as much, just like how magic tricks can not fool you when you become aware of how the tricks are done.
If you want to know the deeper reason for why humanity is losing its freedom, you need to know how magic is used to control the people of world. Did you know magic can be found in TV commercials and movies and on commercial/legal documents? Even this article has magic. How could that be you may ask? Because each letter of the English alphabet is a sigil. The word sigil is defined as “a sign, word, or device held to have occult power in astrology or magic”. Be aware that magic can be used for good or evil purposes.
For more information on sigils, words and magic, read my empowering article titled How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells.
Another great trick the Dark Forces have achieved is conditioning people to think that demons do not exist. Demons like to prey on people who have a weak mind and live in a constant state of fear and depression. They also like to prey on psychopaths because people with psychopathic traits are easy to convince to do immoral things.
Three other groups of people that demons like to go after are psychics, shamans and magicians, because these people are more sensitive to communicating with astral beings (e.g. demons). To all the psychics who like to channel and communicate with spirits and astral beings, be aware that many of these beings are demons in disguised as angels or other enlightened beings. Demons are masters of disguise because they can shapeshift. For visual evidence of shapeshifting, read this shocking article.
The demons controlling magicians like to use magicians as vessels to do real magic right in front of people’s eyes to mock their intelligence. To disguise their magic, demons train their magicians to become masters at using hand gestures and certain props to deceive people into thinking that it is just a trick. These demons are very cunning!
Why You Do Not Need to Fear Demons
As human beings we have the potential to create magic, which is the art of using natural forces to control energy to produce a desired effect. When we learn to access the deeper powers of our spirits, minds and hearts, we can control matter and manifest food out of nearly nothing. Learning how to access our spiritual powers to control matter takes a lot of time and work. The Himalayan and Shaolin monks are great examples of people who can access their deeper spiritual powers.
Himalayan and Shaolin monks spend decades training their bodies, minds and spirits to awaken their spiritual powers to control matter, allowing them to levitate and do things that are consider “supernatural”. However, this does not mean that they are immune to demonic possession. The good news is that demons do not like to go after Himalayan and Shaolin monks, because their minds are often too strong to infiltrate and they know how to live in harmony with Natural Law.
Unlike Himalayan and Shaolin monks, most magicians do not want to spend decades training their bodies, minds and spirits, so they take the short route by making contracts with demons. These contracts often have evil agendas that allow demons to control magicians and infect their minds with demonic thoughts. Once a magician swears an oath to a demon and agrees to give the demon what it wants, the demon agrees to help the magician with magic. This type of magic is known as dark or black magic, which is not the same as light magic.
One of the favorite tools that demons like to use to trick and control us is contract, because it prevents them from violating our free will. In other words, they need our CONSENT before they can do anything to harm us. This is why it is important that you study Natural Law. One of the most important Laws of Nature is the Law of Free Will.
Like us, demons are also bound to Natural Law. If you learn how to exercise Natural Law, you can make demons liable for harming you. Once you know how to do this, demons will run away from you like scared little kids. Demons have no power over you when you know how to exercise Natural Law and know who you truly are.
Be aware that demonic possession is not limited to magicians. Many popular celebrities, religious leaders and politicians are possessed by demons.
The videos below do a great job of showing why many great magicians are possessed by demons. Be aware that demonic possession is not limited to magicians. Many popular celebrities, religious leaders and politicians are possessed by demons. When watching the videos, use your intuition and critical thinking skills to discern the videos.




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