Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Terrorism in Toronto!

Farzad Salehi consoles his wife, Mehrsa Marjani, who was in a nearby cafe and witnessed the aftermath when a van struck a number of pedestrians along Yonge Street between Finch and Sheppard in Toronto on Monday.

Identity of Toronto Truck Attack Killer Revealed
Published on Apr 23, 2018
Toronto van tragedy bonds city in blood. But no one will say the word ‘terrorism’
How naive we have been, whistling by the graveyard as carnage was wrought in European and American cities, Rosie DiManno writes.
By Rosie Dimanno, Star Columnist
Mon., April 23, 2018
The police K-9 unit investigates the suspect vehicle on Yonge St. after a deadly rampage.  (DAN PEARCE / METROLAND)
A sneaker. A purse. A tiny backpack. A cellphone.
Personal possessions scattered along the path of a rampaging, careering white van, the maniacal and homicidal man at the wheel purposefully mowing down pedestrians.
Heartbreaking artifacts now of a weaponized vehicle attack.
And the bodies. My God, the bodies.
Two near a pharmacy south of Finch, one at Yonge and Empress, one close to Parkview.
A trail of blood and wreckage stretching from Finch to Sheppard on a sunny spring afternoon in Toronto.
A day when apparent random terrorism struck in this city.
Any fanciful notion that we are far away from the dogs of war unleashed, from the seething corners of the world where hatred fulminates, buffered from European capitals, from American metropolises where mayhem has been inflicted down through these recent years — that comforting thought died on Monday.