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Trump Bombs Syria (Again)!


Trump Announces Strikes On Syria After Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack
Published on Apr 15, 2018

Syria air strikes: US and allies attack chemical weapons sites
BBC News
Published on Apr 14, 2018

The Truth About Trump's Air Strike on Syria
Paul Joseph Watson
Published on Apr 7, 2017
Self-Delusion (Lying) a Winning Strategy in Syria
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
April 15, 2018
(left, Victim receives a shock when American psychopath decides he has done something bad.)
Donald Trump says the US is "locked and loaded" in the event Al Assad uses chemical weapons again.
Think about that. Al Assad doesn't have chemical weapons and has never used them. Nevertheless, Trump will bomb him whenever he imagines Al Assad has erred, regardless of the facts.  We are dealing with people who are crazy or only pretending to be, and they control the fake news media. Either way, it is a good strategy for achieving submission. These "chemical attacks" could become as common as US mass shootings if they continue to be so effective. (Trump vows more attacks. Haley speaks of 'Evil Regime')
They are gaslighting Russia and Syria. They are gaslighting us all. (Making us doubt reality. Cognitive dissonance.)
The chemical attacks are a repeat of Saddam Hussein's non-existent "weapons of mass destruction." They are a transparent pretext for intimidation or aggression.
As I said below, the only way to stop this psychological blackmail is for Russia to shoot down attacking planes and sink ships. After boasting about their new weaponry, the Russians look pretty stupid now. The West will not understand anything but retaliation.  There has to be consequences for its bad behavior or it will continue.
 Will Russia Ever Force the US to Get Real? (Saturday)
The airstrike on Syria today had nothing to do with chemical weapons.
It's more in the nature of a bitchslap, bullying, an assertion of Western dominance, a punishment for Russia's interference in Zionist expansion. The US, UK, Israel and France are all factotums of the Rothschild banking cartel. This attack and the coming world war is about the shape of the New World Order, unipolar Zionist or multipolar Western & Eurasian.
Watching the TV News Friday, I was struck that the US political elite actually believed real chemical attacks took place, despite the evidence to the contrary. The Western mass media is an extension of the Deep State. The Deep State is the corrupt Masonic network that serves the Rothschild central banking racket. Politicians like Trump, May, Macron and Nikki Haley are chosen for their lack of moral compunction, and 
ability to lie convincingly. They impose the satanic Rothschild agenda on the people. That's their job.
The Rothschilds and their minions are all Freemasons. Cabalists. The distinctive feature of Cabalism is the belief that there is no objective truth or morality. They think they can create reality to serve their interests and perversions. Saying is believing for them, not seeing. Jet fuel fires caused the World Trade Center to disintegrate into a fine dust. A Boeing 757 disappeared into the Pentagon. Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Countless mass shootings just happen to coincide with drills etc.  Reality? No problem. We make it up.
Karl Rove repeated this Cabalist formula: " We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality...we'll act again, creating other new realities... We're history's actors and all of you will be left to just study what we do." (NYT Magazine, Oct 17, 2004)
This is the essence of Satanism: the denial of objective truth and morality. At its heart, the NWO is about being delusional; this is Satanic possession.
(Children getting a shower. WW3 starts. Right out of movie Wag the Dog.)
This self-delusion was on display recently in the two phony gas attacks. Saying makes it so. Who needs proof? It's just a stupid excuse anyway. Don't insult our intelligence while we're insulting yours.
In the Introduction to my book, Illuminati 3- Satanic Possession (2014)  I wrote: "If Russia is pushed too far, this disconnect from reality could easily degenerate into a nuclear confrontation." (p.13)
So the $60,000 question is, will Russia follow through on its threat to attack the attackers? Or will they indulge the lunatic West one more time because they are the only adults in the room? Russia is like Rodney Dangerfield. It can't get any respect unless it sinks a US battleship and kills 1000 sailors.
But the fact that Russia declined to attack any planes or ships suggests they will eat crow one more time. (They were informed that the attack will be merely face-saving.)
Russia has endured one humiliation after another from the Rothschild fart catchers in the West. She is like a wife who is being bitch slapped. She takes it "for the sake of the children" even though she has a gun hidden in the linen drawer. 
Inevitably Russia will have to burst the Cabalists' smug solipsistic bubble or succumb to domination and exploitation. Until then Russia is enabling some very dangerous behavior. 
First Comment by TP
A few things about the recent Syrian crisis that turned out to be a nothing.  One, the sec of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs worked to ameliorate the situation.  They both testified before the Senate that the situation must not be allowed to escalate.  And it didn't.  They had no intention of starting a war.  They had another objective in mind.
Second, once again, the Russians were told beforehand what the targets were.  So everything was more or less gone when the missiles hit.
Third, the Russians stayed completely out of it.  So, they had a deal.  This situation was defused by diplomacy.
Fourth, the Soviet era Syrian air defenses, without Russian help, shot down the majority of the missiles before they hit. 
Fifth, now the Russians are reconsidering their refusal to sell the Syrians the AS-300 air defense system.  This will cause absolute hysteria in Israel.  Iran has the AS-300 already, and it works well against Israeli drones.  The real air war today is the nonstop drone war.
Sixth, the situation on the ground is completely unaffected by the missile attacks.  Today the Syrian army finished the liberation of East Ghouda.
Seventh,  the attack, in my opinion, accomplished the purpose of the deep state, and that purpose was to sever Trump from his conservative and nationalist base, before his upcoming impeachment trials.  Alex Jones, for one, has broken with Trump over this attack.  Many others have, also.
So the completely lame attack was almost as fake as the so-called chemical weapons attack used to justify it.   But the schemes of the deep state are subtle.  Alienate Trump from his base.  That was the deal here, and it worked.
George writes:
I offer a preliminary assessment of the hooliganism of last night.
1. Indignation in the UK and US about strike without any Parliamentary or Congressional consultation.
2. No reported loss of civilian or military lives in Syria due to hits on unoccupied facilities.
3. Russia didn't bother to fire off any of its missiles.
4. Second-string Syrian anti-aircraft systems reportedly knocked down 71/103 US subsonic cruise missiles.
5. North Korean disarmament talks severely jeopardized.
6. Iran even more wary of Western intentions, prepared for cancellation of the nuclear treaty.
7. China outraged.
8. The credibility of alleged grounds for attack seriously questioned in UK and US, retrospectively calling into question other government official stories.
9. Infuriation of much of Trump's domestic support base, including public figures such as Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Sarah Palin and many others.
10. Olympian calm reaction from Russian MOD, contrasting their dignity with Anglo-Zionist hysterics.
11. Obvious impetus for Sino-Russian undermining of Zionist euro and dollar currencies.
12. Israel, US, France and Britain now openly attacking Syria instead of relying on covert means.
13. Jordan now in Syrian crosshairs because of apparently allowing attacks on neighbor Syria from its soil from the Al Tanf base.
14. Saudi Arabia fully exposed as an ally of Israel.
15. NATO breaking up because of refusal of Italy, Germany, Canada, Holland or any other NATO members to participate militarily, leaving Britain, France and the US operating on their own.
Etc, etc, etc.

Someone try to tell me how this was a successful attack.
Syria, chemicals weapons and missile strikes: FAKE NEWS theater at its finest… you are being subjected to an elaborate psyop
by: Mike Adams        
Saturday, April 14, 2018
(Natural News) By now, you are aware that President Trump ordered a “precision strike” against Syria’s so-called “chemical weapon sites” run by Assad. The strike was deployed in response to an utterly false, absurd narrative that claims Assad gassed children with chemical weapons.
Beware of any news about an event that reportedly involves the deaths of children. In nearly every major false flag event — from the USA to the Middle East — children are used as props to generate “emotional terrorism” outrage as a form of social manipulation in order to achieve a political purpose. This doesn’t mean real children didn’t die, by the way. As I’ve explained numerous times, a “false flag” event involves real deaths wrapped around a fake narrative. Real children died in Syria, just as they did in the Oklahoma City bombing. But the official stories we’re told about why those children died are complete hogwash.
Remember when we were told that David Koresh burned his entire family alive?
We’ve seen this countless times in recent history, including going all the way back to the federal government’s murderous assault on the David Koresh compound in Waco, Texas, in 1993. The assault was nothing less than a murderous rampage by rogue government agents who murdered women and children in cold blood, yet the “official” story was that David Koresh set fire to his own buildings and murdered his entire family by burning them alive. (Seriously. That’s what the media still wants you to believe.)
The explanation that Assad gassed his own citizen children with chemical weapons is similarly absurd. You’d have to be a complete stooge to believe it. In an article entitled, “Ten Days Before The End Of The World,” written on April 12th, Paul Craig Roberts writes:
The criminally insane governments of the US, UK, and France are sending a flotilla of missile ships, submarines, and an aircraft carrier to attack Syria in the face of Russian warnings. What is the likely outcome of this outrageous act of aggression based entirely on an orchestrated and transparent lie, an act of reckless aggression that is more irresponsible and more dangerous than anything done by the demonized Nazi regime in Germany?
…we are left with the dangerous situation that some elements in the US and UK governments were able to orchestrate two events—the alleged Skripal poisoning and the alleged Assad chemical attack—and use the events to leverage unsupported accusations against Russia and Syria as justifications for an illegal military attack on a sovereign country. That such an outrageous orchestration is possible proves that there is no democracy or constraint on government in the US and UK.
When the entire corporate-run media gets behind the “official” narrative, you know it’s fake news
The fact that the entire legacy media is parroting the same pro-war explanation — including Fox News, Sean Hannity and CNN, in unison — is further proof that it’s all a huge lie. Somebody gassed children in Syria, but it wasn’t Assad. He’s the scapegoat, of course, and the pure bulls##t we’re hearing from the media right now sounds almost exactly like the “yellow cake” nuclear fuel hoax that former President Bush used to justify an invasion of Iraq (which was really all about controlling oil fields and had nothing to do with 9/11 or “yellow cake” nuclear fuel). Remember Weapons of Mass Destruction? It was all an intelligence hoax. The evidence was fabricated out of thin air, yet dutifully reported as “fact” by the entire media.
It’s entirely possible that President Trump is not part of this conspiracy and he’s just being fed deliberately false intelligence as a way of manipulating him into these pro-war actions. That’s the specialty of the intelligence community: Manipulating “evidence” to justify whatever insane globalist actions they wish to pursue next. We don’t yet know whether Trump is in the loop on this. He may be the target of deception efforts from the intelligence community (i.e. the deep state).
The gullible public believes almost anything they’re told by the media, of course, as most people have completely lost any ability to think critically about any issue at all. So the public rallies behind the lie, weeping for the deaths of children that were obviously staged for emotional manipulation purposes, thinking they’re “humanitarian” in supporting escalating acts of war that may lead us all straight to Hell via World War III.
These narratives are scripted to deliberately bypass rational thought and invoke irrational, emotional reactions
This is how the deep state engineers the scripts of history and manipulates public perception to support outrageous acts of aggression and war against their targeted enemies.
“Fake news theater at its finest,” as I say. Because when globalists want to carry out some heinous act of war and aggression, some children are going to have to die first so that the proper narrative can be marketed to the public for the express purpose of generating the appropriate emotional reaction.
Always remember: When children start dying, you are being manipulated into supporting something that your rational mind would otherwise question. The use of dead children — whether in Syria or U.S. school shootings — is a deliberate element of problem-reaction-solution manipulation to make sure that no rational thinking can interfere with the desired “mob rule” reaction.
In essence, the best way to understand all this is that the use of dead children nullifies logic and reason, and that’s precisely the point. If people think rationally about the risks associated with escalating a Syrian conflict toward World War III with the Russians, it makes no sense at all. Only irrational, emotionally manipulated people would be dumbfounded enough to support such a deranged act.
I repeat the words of Paul Craig Roberts:
The criminally insane governments of the US, UK, and France are sending a flotilla of missile ships, submarines, and an aircraft carrier to attack Syria in the face of Russian warnings. What is the likely outcome of this outrageous act of aggression based entirely on an orchestrated and transparent lie, an act of reckless aggression that is more irresponsible and more dangerous than anything done by the demonized Nazi regime in Germany?
Stay informed and get prepared. Everything changes from this point forward. Read for daily coverage of geopolitics, war and survival.
Health Ranger / Alex Jones predicted a Syrian-style false flag attack two months ago: See video
by: Mike Adams        
Saturday, April 14, 2018
(Natural News) On February 28, 2018, I appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss the real reason why the tech giants (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) are censoring not merely conservative voices but independent media channels, too.
As you’ll hear in the video below, I explained that censorship is a prelude to a major false flag event coming soon that would stage real deaths wrapped around a completely false narrative.
This false narrative would be universally promoted by the legacy media to push a political agenda while independent media voices would be silenced (and therefore not allowed to question the official narrative).
Notice right now how the entire legacy media complex, including Fox News and CNN, is going along with the “official” narrative on the Syrian gas attacks. When CNN and Fox News are both pushing the same narrative involving U.S. missile strikes on some foreign land, you can rest assured the official narrative is complete bulls##t.
I called out the likelihood of a massive false flag operation two months ago, saying:
They have to silence anyone who can dissent, anyone who can question the official story, because they have to be able to control the official story when the next big thing happens… which I’m calling the mother of all false flags. They have to make sure that no one can question the narrative.
My conclusion is that this [censorship] is a prelude to something much bigger that’s coming, where they must control the narrative… what I’m calling the mother of all false flags.
A false flag is a real event, with real carnage, with a fake narrative. I want to be clear about that…
Watch the full video to hear even more details. And keep in mind that I believe this Syrian gas attack is tiny compared to something much bigger that’s likely to take place on U.S. soil before the coming mid-term elections.