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What Bill Cooper (1943-2001) Said Then, Still Holds True Today!


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Bill Cooper & Alex Jones - Soothsayer & Doomsayer
by Nathan Weidmann
February 15, 2012
(left, William Cooper)
Nathan Weidmann, 30, describes his education in the conspiracy and the man he came to trust in contrast to another he is still wary of.  
"I beg you to note that among those making attacks upon us will also be organs established by us..."   -Protocol #12
I am no expert. I have not written any books. I am, however, a natural born skeptic. I was nine when I would sneak out of bed to watch the footage from Desert Storm on TV.  I remember the threat of the dreaded Scud missile, and the air raid sirens blaring. I wondered why they always showed the lights in the sky and the aftermath, yet no footage of the actual strike.
I was thirteen, and home from school on April 19, 1995, when the TV show was interrupted by breaking news from Oklahoma City. After initial reports of explosives being discovered inside the building, I wondered why this was later denied. I was curious whatever became of John Doe number three.
On the morning of September 11, 2001, I wondered how, after such a massive and complete failure of so many levels of American security and intelligence, Bin Laden was nearly immediately identified as the key suspect. I was twenty, and I started reading books.
Since that time, like so many other people, I have waded through a virtual ocean of books and videos. Each time I thought I was nearing the center of the labyrinth, I would find I was back at the beginning. Every time I thought I had identified the spider, I realized I was still tangled in the web.
Early on I learned of the Hegelian theory of controlled opposition. To achieve synthesis requires two opposing forces. I could see how the theory applied to so many things, a magnet for one, with its opposite poles balanced in attraction, and the understanding that came when applied to so many "conspiracy theories".
 Capitalism vs. communism = financial control; moon landings vs. hoaxed moon landings = secret space mission; weapons of mass destruction vs. "no blood for oil" = occupation of ancient Babylon. I realized that this theory could be applied to some "conspiracy theorists" as well.  Truth vs. disinformation = confusion amongst truth seekers. The provocateurs out themselves when they lash out at other researchers and refuse even to acknowledge key pieces of information.
The late, great, Milton William Cooper told us to be suspicious of anyone claiming to tell the truth, especially him. Cooper was (and still is) subject to accusations ranging from disinformation agent to straight up whacko.
In the forward to his book "Behold a Pale Horse" Cooper states:
"...attempts to assassinate my character will continue and in all probability will become worse. Rather than let that get in the way, I want you to believe everything bad that you ever hear about me. See if that changes anything that I have been trying to tell you. See if it negates any of the proof."
Cooper was adamant that it was JFK's driver who fired the kill shot and that the Zapruder film was doctored. Jim Marrs, a veteran JFK researcher, says no way, it's not doctored, and what appears to be the driver shooting Kennedy is just an anomaly.
Is it simply by chance that this anomaly occurs at the same time as Kennedy's head explodes? Why instead of taking cover, does Mrs. Kennedy attempt to exit the vehicle at the rear? Isn't it possible that shots from the book depository and the grassy knoll served as distraction?
William Cooper was murdered almost two months after 9/11, on November 5, 2001. He was live on shortwave radio all day long on 9/11, and was blowing holes in the official story as it was emerging.
On June 28, 2001, Cooper had made the ominous prediction that before the year's end, a major attack would take place on American soil and it would be attributed to Osama bin Laden. Oddly enough, approximately one month later, Alex Jones made a similar prediction on his radio show.
Did one or both men actually know that the events of Sept.11 would take place? Is it possible that one or both men, based solely on their interpretations of current events, were so astute as to make such eerily accurate predictions?
William Cooper is dead. Alex Jones is the self-proclaimed 'granddaddy' of 9/11 Truth and has stated that there is no possible way that Israel played any part in the attacks.
(left, Alex Jones)
In early 2000, Cooper, on his shortwave radio show 'Hour of the Time', played excerpts from Jones' new year's eve 1999 broadcast during which Jones reported that the Russians had launched long range nuclear missiles at targets in the US.
Cooper stated, in no uncertain terms, that Jones was a disinformer. In fact, he called him a liar and a 'bullshit artist'.
Here is a link to a thoroughly slanderous excerpt from an Alex Jones show, during which he states that William Cooper attacks him from the grave. It is from 2009:
 In my opinion, and certainly that of many others, William Cooper's book, "Behold a Pale Horse" is one of the most important 'conspiracy' books ever published, hands down. He was on shortwave radio for years with his show 'Hour of the Time'. He made a series of broadcasts in the early 90's which he called 'Mystery Babylon', an extremely comprehensive overview of the many facets of the New World Order, its roots and objectives.
William Cooper is absolutely crucial to understanding and, with all hope, subverting the coming attempt by dark powers to establish a global dictatorship and subjugate humanity in physical and spiritual enslavement. 
We must ultimately be our own light in the effort to see through the fear mongering of the agent provocateurs. We as humans are far more powerful than the 'powers-that-try-to-be' would like us to believe. The facts and the information are 'out there'. The TRUTH is within each and everyone one of us.
Here is a link to the one and only time that William Cooper appeared on the Alex Jones show. From 1998.
Bill Cooper mentioned Project Naomi in his videos.
Project Naomi (1949-1969)
BIOTERRORBIBLE.COM: The following state/government sponsored bio-terror tests (attacks) occurred during "Project Naomi", specifically from 1949-1969. The historical record of state sponsored bio-terror is littered with unprovoked attacks on unsuspecting soldiers and citizens alike. The fact that state sponsored bio-terror tests (attacks) exist in mass confirms not only that government is the serial bio-terrorist, but that it will strike again in the near future.
Currently, Israel is the only modern nation that has not signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention  (refusal to engage in offensive biological warfare, stockpiling, and use of biological weapons). Also, Israel is the only modern nation that has signed but not ratified the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention (refusal to produce, stockpile and use chemical weapons). Should the world suffer a major bio-terror attack or pandemic, Israel will be the #1 suspect.
Title: Project MKNAOMI
Date: 2012
Source: Wikipedia
Abstract: MKNAOMI was the code name for a joint Department of Defense/CIA research program lasting from the 1950s through the 1970s. Unclassified information about the MKNAOMI program and the related Special Operations Division is scarce. It is generally reported to be a successor to the MKDELTA project and to have focused on biological projects including biological warfare agents—specifically, to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices for the diffusion of such materials.
During the first twenty years of its establishment, the CIA engaged in various projects designed to increase U.S. biological and chemical warfare capabilities. Project MKNAOMI was initiated to provide the CIA with a covert support base to meet its top-secret operational requirements. The purpose was to establish a robust arsenal within the CIA's Technical Services Division (TSD) and of which was to consist of various lethal and incapacitating materials. This would enable the TSD to serve as a highly maintained center for the circulation of biological and chemical materials.[citation needed]
Surveillance, testing, upgrading, and the evaluation of special materials and items were also provided by MKNAOMI so as to ensure that no defects and unwanted contingencies emerged during operational conditions. For these purposes the U.S. Army's Special Operations Command (SOC) was assigned to assist the CIA in the development, testing, and maintenance procedures for the biological agents and delivery systems (1952). Both the CIA and SOC also modified guns that fired special darts coated with biological agents and various poisonous pills. The darts would serve to incapacitate guard dogs, infiltrate the area that the dogs were guarding, and then awaken the dogs upon exiting the facility. In addition, the SOC was also designated to research the potentials for using biological agents against other animals and crops.[citation needed]
A 1967 CIA memo which was uncovered by the Church Committee was confirmed to give evidence of at least three covert techniques for attacking and poisoning crops that have been examined under field conditions. On November 25, 1969, President Richard Nixon abolished any military practice involving biological weapons and Project MKNAOMI was dissolved. On February 14, 1970, a presidential order was given to outlaw all stockpiles of bacteriological weapons and nonliving toxins. However, despite this presidential order, a CIA scientist was able to acquire an estimated 11 grams of deadly shellfish toxin from SOC personnel at Fort Detrick. The toxin was then stored in a CIA laboratory where it remained undetected for over five years (Wikipedia, 2012).
Title: Wallace L. Pannier, At 81; Was Germ Warfare Scientist
Date: August 8, 2009
Abstract: Wallace L. Pannier, a germ warfare scientist whose top-secret projects included a mock attack on the New York subway with powdered bacteria in 1966, has died of respiratory failure and other natural causes, his widow said. He died Thursday in Frederick. He was 81.
Mr. Pannier worked at Fort Detrick, a US Army installation in Frederick that tested biological weapons during the Cold War and is now a center for biodefense research. He worked in the Special Operations Division, a secretive unit operating there from 1949 to 1969, according to family members and published reports.
The unit developed and tested delivery systems for deadly agents such as anthrax and smallpox.
In 2004, Mr. Pannier told The Baltimore Sun that team members staged their mock attack on the New York subway in 1966 by shattering light bulbs packed with powdered bacteria on the tracks. They tracked the germs with air samplers disguised as suitcases.
“People could carry a brown bag with light bulbs in it, and nobody would be suspicious,’’ Mr. Pannier told the Sun. After a bulb broke, releasing the powder, “the trains swishing by would get it airborne,’’ he said.
The bacteria used as mock weapons, Bacillus globigii and Serratia marcescens, were believed to be harmless, but have since been classified as human pathogens.
A year earlier, the unit released Bacillus globigii in the air at Washington National Airport and at bus stations in Washington, Chicago, and San Francisco, a 1975 Senate investigation found.
Mr. Pannier also said he had posed as a fisherman, an air-quality tester, and a motorist with car trouble to measure germs leaking from a pharmaceutical plant on the Susquehanna River. The readings would help US spies trying to identify Soviet bioweapons plants (, 2009).
Title: CIA Did Mock Attacks On City System In '66
Date: March 21, 1995
Source: NY Daily News
Abstract: The CIA staged bizarre mock attacks inside New York's subway system in 1966 to test its vulnerability to terrorist plots like yesterday's deadly nerve gas attack in Tokyo.
In the super-secret Project Naomi sponsored by the CIA, plainclothes U.S. Army agents rode the subways carrying bogus light bulbs filled with supposedly harmless micro-organisms called bacillus subtilis.
The agents smashed the light bulbs on the track beds and street-level ventilation grates so the organisms would spread below on the platforms. Agents later used equipment to gauge how far the organisms had traveled.
The idea was to see how many New Yorkers might perish if terrorists or Communist agents spread lethal gas in the system, according to testimony at Senate hearings in the 1970s and 1980s.
New York straphangers apparently were oblivious to the tests. When bacteria rained down on them from the vents above, they simply "brushed their clothing, looked up at the grating and walked on," the Senate hearings were told.
Project Naomi ran from 1949-69 and involved more than 200 open-air tests in populated areas.
Army Brig. Gen. William Augerson testified that "under the conditions established, there was not a threat to the public" during the tests, but several scientists disagreed (NY Daily News, 1995).