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A Few Things About WWI (Part 1)

World War One (ALL PARTS)
Published on Nov 22, 2016
The Truth About World War I: The Hidden History
Stefan Molyneux
Published on Nov 11, 2014
The Lusitania and the secrets of war, revealed
New details of the sinking of the Lusitania aren't mere footnotes to history. They can teach us how people make decisions in times of conflict
Saul David
Thursday, 01 May 2014
The sinking of the Lusitania as depicted in a propaganda poster to encourage new recruits. Photograph: Galerie Bilderwelt/Getty Images
One of the great mysteries of the first world war – whether or not the passenger ship Lusitania was carrying munitions and therefore a legitimate target when it was sunk by a German submarine in May 1915 – has been solved in the affirmative by newly released government papers. They contain Foreign Office concerns that a 1982 salvage operation might "literally blow up on us" and that "there is a large amount of ammunition in the wreck, some of which is highly dangerous".
Yet the truth was kept hidden in 1915 because the British government wanted to use the sinking of a non-military ship, and the loss of 1,198 lives, as an example of German ruthlessness. It was also a useful means of swaying American opinion in favour of entering the war. It eventually had the desired effect – the US declared war on Germany in April 1917 – but the lie continued as successive governments, worried about their ongoing relations with America, denied there were munitions on board.
These wartime lies are inevitable. The perpetrators – politicians, civil servants and soldiers – would argue that the end justifies the means, and that information that assists the enemy must remain secret. After the conflict, however, it's all about protecting reputations.
Take the case of the Sèvres protocol, the secret deal between the governments of Israel, France and the UK to topple President Nasser of Egypt by launching a two-step invasion in 1956 (otherwise known as "the Suez crisis"). Although reports of the deal leaked out within days, Sir Anthony Eden, the British prime minister, always denied its existence and even sent a civil servant to France to collect all copies and leave no trace. Yet the proof of Eden's engineered war remained buried until 1996 when a BBC documentary on the 40th anniversary of the Suez crisis obtained a copy from a former head of the Mossad (Israel's foreign intelligence service).
My own research into the case of the Salerno mutineers – 191 veterans of the Eighth Army who were convicted of mutiny for refusing to join unfamiliar units at the Salerno beachhead in 1943 – turned up documents that proved they had been lied to and were probably victims of a miscarriage of justice.
Of course many, if not most, "smoking guns" have yet to be discovered. The two Australian officers – lieutenants "Breaker" Morant and Handcock – executed by the British for shooting unarmed Boer prisoners during the South African war of 1899-1902 always claimed they were following verbal orders approved by their commander-in-chief, Sir Herbert Kitchener. Those orders, they said, were to execute any Boers captured in British khaki. But when a member of Kitchener's staff denied this at their trial, their fate was sealed. Did he lie because peace talks with the Boers were under way? It is possible, but documentary evidence will be hard to find (as Australian campaigners know to their cost).
Which makes the news that diaries and documents belonging to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini might be hidden near the Swiss border another tantalising prospect. The documents are said to include important state papers that Mussolini hoped to use in negotiating his surrender with the Allies, and should reveal many of wartime Italy's secrets. But we have been here before – with the fake Hitler diaries – and will have to be cautious if they are ever found.
Does all this matter? Do we need to know the truth? The answer is yes. We can forgive the lies at the time – many are often told without malice and, at least in theory, in the national interest – but they must at some point be publicly acknowledged. We need to know why governments (and individuals) take the decisions they do. That, to me, is the point of history.

This article was amended on 5 May 2014. It was the 40th, not the 50th, anniversary of the Suez crisis in 1996.
WWI : Sinking of the Lusitania : False Flag
Published on May 21, 2013
The lie that started the First World War
The personality and motives of the young assassin, Gavrilo Princip, who fired the fatal shots at Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, were twisted by Austrian propaganda
By Tim Butcher, Sarajevo
28 Jun 2014
Gavrilo Princip is paraded by his Austrian captors after assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo Photo: Alamy
This day 100 years ago dawned memorably bright over Sarajevo. After days of stormy rain, Sunday June 28,1914 began cloudless as Austria-Hungary, the imperial power that held dominion over the small Balkan province of Bosnia, prepared for a show of ostentatious pageantry in its capital.
Loyal citizens came out in their thousands, lining the route into the city centre that was to be used for a rare official visit by a top member of the Habsburg royal house, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, second only in imperial protocol to the venerable, mutton-chopped emperor himself, Franz Joseph. Witnesses remember the morning sun being fierce as the crowds gathered, eight deep in places, many of them waving the yellow imperial standard of Austria-Hungary with its double-headed black eagle, some shouting ''Long Live the Archduke’’ as the Gräf & Stift limousine drove sedately by. An imperial 21-gun salute, from the fortress high in the hills that ring Sarajevo, sent out puffs of smoke, vivid white against the blue summer sky.
But the crowd was seeded with six would-be assassins united in their loathing of Austria-Hungary. By the time the sun set, what happened in Sarajevo would plunge the world into the darkness of global war for the first time.
The details were well recorded: how the first attacker lost his nerve as the cortege passed, how the next attacker threw a grenade that struck the limousine but did not harm the Archduke, how the royal party nevertheless continued with the visit, how three would-be assassins melted away into the crowd and how one, a 19-year-old peasant, stood his ground.
Gavrilo Princip was his name and he took up station at the street corner where the royal vehicle was scheduled to turn right, according to the route flagged up for days in local newspapers, off the wide riverside boulevard that gives Sarajevo its spine, before taking the Archduke to visit a museum.
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What might be called the devil’s luck then enters the story as the decision had been taken after the grenade attack for the Archduke’s car not to turn right but to continue down the boulevard. All the senior members of the royal party were informed. But nobody told the driver.
When the driver made the turn, an imperial officer on board with the Archduke and his wife, Sophie ordered: ''Stop.’’ The driver braked immediately, presenting the assassin with his targets right in front of him in a now stationary car, the canvas roof folded helpfully back because of the sunny conditions.
Princip needed to take only half a step forward before he aimed his 9mm, semi-automatic Browning pistol and fired what amounted to the starting gun for modern history. The killing of the Archduke and his wife was the trigger for the First World War. What happened next is a bone well worried by historians. But the details of who Princip was, his motivation, his actions and his support network have been mired ever since in political bias, ethnic rivalry and sloppy homework.
We have been told that: Princip jumped on the running board of the Archduke’s limousine to take his shot, the Archduke’s wife was pregnant when she died, the shooting happened on the anniversary of their marriage, the car did not have a reverse gear, the Archduke caught the grenade thrown earlier and tossed it away safely, and Princip stopped to eat a last sandwich at the café on the corner before emerging to take his shot. It’s all myth.
Yet, given that this is the young man with perhaps the greatest impact on modern history, I have been drawn to spend the past three years researching what the historical record definitively reveals about the assassin from Bosnia.
Gavrilo Princip was born in 1894, a serf’s son from the hamlet of Obljaj in remotest western Bosnia, short and slight of build with the strong chin that is the dominant hallmark of the Princip male line. His father Petar was trapped in the grinding poverty of generations of Princips before him. Princip was the feudal subject of two local lords who effectively owned him, one called Jovic, the other Siercic. Although the Princips came from the ethnic Serb community, a hundred years ago rivalries with the Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims were not as charged as today. Instead their anger was directed against Austria-Hungary, a foreign power responsible for occupation of particular austerity. And there were plenty of grounds for anger. Six of Princip’s brothers and sisters died in childhood, a level of child mortality that appears routine.
Gavrilo Princip’s break came in 1907 when, after excelling at primary school, he left Obljaj and made the long journey to Sarajevo to take up secondary education. I found his school reports, passed over by a century’s worth of historians, and saw grades that charted the development of a slow-burn revolutionary. The reports show him as a starred-A grade student to begin with, but as the years pass his truancy goes up, his academic performance down. He had fallen in with other young radicals who dared to think the unthinkable: doing away with Austria-Hungary.
And just as with other independence movements across the world, the talk slowly turned to direct action and political violence. Again, Princip was not headstrong, watching and learning as an unsuccessful assassination attempt was made in 1910 by a slightly older Bosnian student in Sarajevo against an Austro-Hungarian target. What stands out, however, is how inclusive Princip’s nationalism was. He learnt to trust Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats, not just his ethnic kin from the Bosnian Serb community. He made contact with extreme Serb nationalists in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, to acquire the weapons used in the assassination but this appears opportunistic. There is no evidence he shared their chauvinistic agenda, not least because the attackers were planning on using trusted Bosnian Croats to spirit away the weapons, while one of the six would-be assassins was Bosnian Muslim.
Princip was caught within seconds of firing his pistol, his bid for martyrdom doomed when the dose of cyanide he stuffed down his throat failed to kill him.
Two weeks short of his 20th birthday, Princip was too young to be executed as Austro-Hungarian law said the death sentence could only be given to criminals aged 20 or more. Instead, he was jailed, sentenced to 20 years solitary confinement with the condition that one day a month he was to receive no food. He died in a prison hospital on April 28 1918, his body so badly ravaged by skeletal tuberculosis that his right arm had had to be amputated.
Over the last century his voice has rarely been heard, drowned out by more powerful forces, not least Vienna which was desperate to use the assassination as a pretext to attack its small and potentially troublesome neighbour, Serbia. For this to work, Austria-Hungary worked to represent Princip and the assassination plot as the work of the Serbian government. And this alone is perhaps the greatest misrepresentation of the truth about Gavrilo Princip, with the historical record containing no convincing evidence to support the claim.
Wilfred Owen wrote of the patriotic invocation dulce et decorum est pro patria mori as “the old lie’’, but I have come to see an even greater lie at the founding moment of the First World War. It is the lie used by Vienna in its deliberate misrepresentation of the Sarajevo assassination. On its hundredth anniversary, now is high time to straighten the record.
Tim Butcher’s 'The Trigger – Hunting the Assassin who Brought the World to War’ is published by Chatto & Windus
When the U.S. Used 'Fake News' to Sell Americans on World War I
A committee created by Woodrow Wilson to promote U.S. involvement in World War I changed public opinion, but also led to vigilante violence.
Patricia O'Toole
May 22, 2018
Tweets and accusations of “fake news” may be issued from the White House today, but in April 1917, the U.S. government created a whole committee to influence media and shape popular opinion.
When the United States declared war on Germany in April 1917, President Woodrow Wilson faced a reluctant nation. Wilson had, after all, won his reelection in 1916 with the slogan, “He kept us out of the war.” To convince Americans that going to war in Europe was necessary, Wilson created the Committee on Public Information (CPI), to focus on promoting the war effort.
To head up the committee, Wilson appointed a brilliant political public relations man, George Creel. As head of the CPI, Creel was in charge of censorship as well as flag-waving, but he quickly passed the censor’s job to Postmaster General Albert S. Burleson. The Post Office already had the power to bar materials from the mail and revoke the reduced postage rates given to newspapers and magazines.
George Creel, head of the Committee on Public Information, at the War Exposition in Chicago in 1918. (Credit: Library of Congress/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images)
Creel dispatches positive news to stir a ‘war-will’ among Americans
Handsome, charismatic, and indefatigable, Creel thought big and out of the box. He disliked the word “propaganda,” which he associated with Germany’s long campaign of disinformation. To him, the CPI’s business was more like advertising, “a vast enterprise in salesmanship” that emphasized the positive. A veteran of Wilson’s two successful presidential campaigns, Creel knew how to organize an army of volunteers, and 150,000 men and women answered his call. The Washington office, which operated on a shoestring, was part government communications bureau and part media conglomerate, with divisions for news, syndicated features, advertising, film, and more. At Wilson’s insistence, the CPI also published the Official Bulletin, the executive-branch equivalent of the Congressional Record.
Creel’s first idea was to distribute good news and disclose as many facts about the war as he could without compromising national security. His M.O. was simple: flood the country with press releases disguised as news stories. Summing up after the war, Creel said he aimed to “weld the people of the United States into one white-hot mass instinct” and give them a “war-will, the will to win.”
The Committee on Public Information’s Official Bulletin. (Credit: The National Archives)
During the 20 months of the U.S. involvement in the war, the CPI issued nearly all government announcements and sent out 6,000 press releases written in the straightforward, understated tone of newspaper articles. It also designed and circulated more than 1,500 patriotic advertisements. In addition, Creel distributed uncounted articles by famous authors who had agreed to write for free. At one point, newspapers were receiving six pounds of CPI material a day. Editors eager to avoid trouble with the Post Office and the Justice Department published reams of CPI material verbatim and often ran the patriotic ads for free.
Propaganda describes the enemy as ‘mad brute’
For the first two months, nearly all of the information generated by the CPI consisted of announcements and propaganda of the cheerleading variety: salutes to America’s wartime achievements and American ideals. At Creel’s direction, the CPI celebrated America’s immigrants and fought the perception that those who hailed from Germany, Austria, and Hungary were less American than their neighbors. Creel thought it savvier to try to befriend large ethnic groups than to attack them.
But after two months, Creel and Wilson could see that popular enthusiasm for the war was nowhere near white-hot. So on June 14, 1917, Wilson used the occasion of Flag Day to paint a picture of American soldiers about to carry the Stars and Stripes into battle and die on fields soaked in blood. And for what? he asked. In calling for a declaration of war, he had argued that the world must be made safe for democracy, but with his 1917 Flag Day speech, he trained the country’s sights on a less exalted goal: the destruction of the government of Germany, which was bent on world domination.
World War I US Army enlistment poster ‘Destroy this Mad Brute’. (Credit: Photo12/UIG via Getty Images)
After Flag Day, the CPI continued to churn out positive news by the ton, but it also began plastering the country with lurid posters of ape-like German soldiers, some with bloody bayonets, others with bare-breasted young females in their clutches. “Destroy this mad brute,” read one caption. It also funded films with titles like The Kaiser: The Beast of Berlin and The Prussian Curse.
Vigilantes inflict terror on suspected skeptics of the war
The CPI’s happy news sometimes downplayed the shortcomings of the U.S. war effort, but the 
demonizing of all Germans played to low instincts. Thousands of self-appointed guardians of patriotism began to harass pacifists, socialists, and German immigrants who were not citizens. And many Americans took CPI’s dark warnings to heart. Thousands of self-appointed guardians of patriotism began to harass pacifists, socialists, and German immigrants who were not citizens.
Even the most casual expression of doubt about the war could trigger a beating by a mob, and the humiliation of being made to kiss the flag in public. Americans who declined to buy Liberty Bonds (issued by the Treasury to finance the war) sometimes awoke to find their homes streaked with yellow paint. Several churches of pacifist sects were set ablaze. Scores of men suspected of disloyalty were tarred and feathered, and a handful were lynched. Most of the violence was carried out in the dark by vigilantes who marched their victims to a spot outside the city limits, where the local police had no jurisdiction. Perpetrators who were apprehended were rarely tried, and those tried were almost never found guilty. Jurors hesitated to convict, afraid that they too would be accused of disloyalty and roughed up.
Both Creel and Wilson privately deplored the vigilantes, but neither acknowledged his role in turning them loose. Less violent but no less regrettable were the actions taken by state and local governments and countless private institutions to fire German aliens, suspend performances of German music, and ban the teaching of German in schools.
In their effort to unify the country, Wilson and Creel deployed their own versions of fake news. While the worst that can be said of the sunny fake news flowing out of the CPI was that it was incomplete, the dark fake news, which painted the enemy as subhuman, let loose a riptide of hatred and emboldened thousands to use patriotism as an excuse for violence.
Patricia O’Toole is the author of five books, including The Moralist: Woodrow Wilson and the World He Made and The Five of Hearts: An Intimate Portrait of Henry Adams and His Friends, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award.

We Don't Want Voter Fraud Or Rigged Elections In The Mid Term!


CITIZENS DEMAND - No more election rigging, meddling, and/or interference
American Intelligence Media
Published on Oct 31, 2018

Eric Eggers - Trump Fights Voter Fraud in 2018 Midterm Elections
Greg Hunter
Published on Oct 30, 2018

Beware! The 2018 Election Is RIGGED - Counter Think w/Mike Adams 10/28/2018
Published on Oct 29, 2018
More Independent Media To Be Shut Down Prior To 2020 U.S. Presidential Election?
By Arjun Walia
October 28, 2018
The Facts: The massive campaign to label credible media sources as 'fake news' has been happening for a while. More social media pages are being deleted as a result of this campaign. Expect to see many more before the 2020 election.Reflect On: Why should an authority figure have to decide what is real and what's not? Are we not capable of reading, examining sources, and deciding for ourselves what's plausible? What is going on here, and how is it possible that any justification exists?The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. – JFK
If you haven’t already heard, Facebook has completely shut down hundreds, if not thousands of Independent media pages over the last year.
Some of the biggest pages include The Free Thought Project and The Anti-media, with millions of followers each, and years of sourced journalism. These pages, among others, became targets a long time ago. Working directly in the field and behind the scenes, I can tell you that all of us have been aware of the censorship initiative for a long time because it started approximately three years ago now. The complete deletion of multiple pages kicked off by popular media figure Alex Jones, was followed by a massive campaign of “fake news” awareness.
One thing we need to remember here is, this isn’t about democrats vs republicans, it’s about the elite preserving their control, and at the moment, they are using the DNC as the mouthpiece for that. Thus, anything that slandered Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign, for example, was labelled as fake news, even if evidence and credible sources were used. This is because she is part of that elite.
This is cyber false flagging at its finest, where authority figures at Facebook and within government agencies decide for the people what is real, and what is not, These tactics are complemented by a large mainstream media campaign that created awareness about fake news. Monkey see, monkey do.
Many believed what media and social media did during that election, and still now, and take on the opinion that people cannot just say what they want on the internet. This has some validity, but ultimately, the fact that Facebook pages with credibility were deleted makes it quite clear what’s going on here. These pages presented declassified documents, information about corporations and mainstream media, real whistleblower testimony and more. Yet still, they were deleted. The population should be able to examine a source of information and determine for themselves if it’s credible, not have an authority figure do it for them.
We don’t need fact checkers, we ourselves should be those fact checkers! We have a responsibility to our planet to be those fact checkers, and not let authority figures with a tremendous amount of power, wealth, and conflicts of interests do it for us.
“The problem of fake news isn’t solved by hoping for a referee, but rather because we as citizens, we as users of these services, help each other. We talk and we share and we point out what is fake. We point out what is true. The answer to bad speech is not censorship, the answer to bad speech is more speech. We have to exercise and spread the idea that critical thinking matters, now more than ever, given the fact that lies seem to be getting more popular.” –Edward Snowden (source)
Facebook A Revolving Door
Facebook has become a revolving door like Monsanto, with high-ranking DARPA employees, like Regina Duggan, who has since left Facebook, and people from similar backgrounds now spearheading their mission. What is Facebook’s mission? Well at the moment it seems to be censoring of information. Their key strategy is to label everything as fake news to build an excuse to delete Facebook pages that are dissenting voices.
You see, independent media, like CE, became extremely popular, receiving many millions in website every single month, that traffic came from Facebook. Independent media outlets were greatly surpassing mainstream media in their power and voice. This is something people on the outside can’t really see as all of this happens, but I am on the inside, so I see exactly what’s taking place.
Eyes were shifting away from the small group of people who have controlled media since media’s inception. Independent media brought to light a number of facts that threaten the agenda of the global elite, like intelligence agency/government connections to mainstream media for example, and their plans in the middle east to basically invade, take-over, and establish a government that suits the Deep State’s best interests. There are several examples from all fields that surround human life, from healthcare to politics, and it all seems to be controlled by one massive conglomerate at the top.  We’ve been writing about this for nearly a decade now.
The Deep State Has Power Due To Our Unconsciousness
They (global elite) continue to do what they are able to do because of human consciousness. The more people who consider this a “conspiracy theory” and turn their heads away, the easier it is for them to continue and have power. I don’t understand how so much information can come to light, yet when it’s deemed a “conspiracy” theory” within mainstream media, everybody simply follows the rhetoric, without doing any investigation or research for themselves. If you don’t look into it, don’t share an opinion on it.
“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” – Einstein.
All of these media sources were operating normally until Donald Trump became president, and until Hillary Clinton, Obama, Bush, etc were outed as global elite puppets. Heck, the Clinton’s and John Podesta have even referenced Wikileaks before that became ‘fake.’ Despite operating with credibility for more than a decade before the accusations. What does the media operating normally mean? Still manipulating the public, but at least they were reporting on both sides as a whole. Now, it’s quite different.
Donald Trump is extremely vilified not because he allegedly is/was racist/sexist, but because he threatens neoliberalism and neoconservatism, the American empire, one that continues to try and push an Orwellian state type of existence, which seems to be ramping up every single year. Trump was not supposed to win, and no this isn’t about democrats vs republicans or that Trump is a saviour. The Deep State responded like they always do every time something ‘goes wrong,’ they blamed Russia, as well as media outlets like Collective Evolution and others. Some of which have now been deleted as mentioned above.
Trump is Not The Solution, We Are
Things are getting pretty ridiculous, but they’re too late. Even if they do succeed in deleting more independent media sites from social media, they cannot erase them from the internet. Yes, social media platforms were great for spreading information across the internet and for having more people become aware of it. It really showed what people were interested in, and what people wanted to see, but clearly, we do not live in a democracy and that doesn’t matter.
People are still going to search for information, and alternative forms of information, given the fact that what they see coming from the mainstream is usually highly suspect and questionable. More and more people see it this way because our consciousness continues to shift. Social media platforms do not control the awakening but have been a great tool to grow it, but it’s something that cannot be stopped. The more we awaken and truly see past the political games, the more we pull power from the power grid that keeps all this in place.
Now, all of this seems to be taking place with perfect timing before the 2020 election. No doubt that the Deep State will want to take back the presidency, but ultimately, we need to see the bigger picture here. We need to see what politics actually is, and the past few years alone have provided us with the opportunity to see.
It’s nothing but elite people, corporations and the financial elite that have become drenched with so much power that they have been able to direct human will and use it for their own selfish purposes. With powerful revelations that have come to light, like elite pedophilia and ritual abuse, and extreme corruption, why do we still participate? Why do we choose to elect these people? Why do we believe we live in a democracy when what people want to look at, and what the majority of people want to have done (like GMO-labelling), is completely censored? Why are harmful ‘things’ surrounding us constantly when we have science showing it’s not safe, like cell phone towers etc. It’s simply because power lies within the corporatocracy. Decisions aren’t being made with the best interest of humanity at heart, and this is why the system is failing because it’s not actually for the people.
Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means … We have a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state … It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government … This ruthless power-seeking elite is a disease of our century… This group … is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable. – Senator William Jenner  (source)
Before 2020, they’re going to want to silence anything that creates awareness about the corruption, deceit and lies that have dominated the presidency and the entire military-industrial complex for years.
The fact of the matter is:
“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” – Edward Bernays (“the father of public relations”), Propaganda, 1928 (note that Bernays’ book, Propaganda, begins with the above quote).
This is what’s unravelling, and the stronger the push the unravel it, the stronger the reaction and response from the deep state.
The Takeaway
Recognize what’s happening, the massive censorship of information, coupled with the ridicule or finger pointing, or even arrest of people who choose to voice an opinion in opposition to the rhetoric that’s constantly spewed by mainstream media, which in turn is usually believed by the masses.
At the same time, independent media represents a shift in consciousness. A shift in our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and general self-awareness about our own planet is changing, and thus, change has been sprouted in multiple different areas, including political corruption and the stranglehold it has over our world.
We are more aware, but there is still some ways to go…
A good chunk of work has been done. A massive transformation of consciousness has taken place and it seems that a global mass is growing closer to a critical mass. The censorship of independent media is irrelevant in a sense, because the shift will continue to happen, change will continue to happen, and information that the deep state does not want the public to become aware of will keep making its way into transparency.
Independent media will continue to have the opportunity to share information because of a lack of credible information and plain truth within the mainstream. People are hungry for it, and will seek it out themselves.
The thing is, independent media needs BIG support. Not just sharing the information, but also funding it. You can help support CE here.
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Rudy Giuliani: I'm sorry Hillary, but you're a criminal
Fox News
Published on May 2, 2018

8 Signs That HILLARY Will be ARRESTED and CHARGED Soon: Collapse of the Clinton Foundation
Published on Mar 9, 2017
Trump Criticized "Crooked Hillary" Just Hours After Police Arrested The Mail Bomb Suspect
By Morgan Brinlee
27 October 2018
Sean Rayford/Getty Images News/Getty Images
It seems as if Donald Trump is done being "nice," as he calls it. Earlier this week, Trump said he was trying to be nice in light of news that authorities had discovered a series of mail bombs addressed to a number of his critics and Democratic politicians, including former Presidents Barack Obama and 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. But by Friday night it seemed as if the president had slipped back into old habits. Hours after police made an arrest in the mail bomb case, Trump attacked Clinton, Democrats, and the media at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Before launching into denunciations of Clinton and the media that spurred the crowd to chant "Lock her up" and "CNN sucks," President Trump kicked off his Friday rally in Charlotte with a message about the importance of bringing a new "tone and civility" into politics. "Political violence must never ever be allowed in America, and I will do everything in my power to stop it," he said. "Everyone will benefit if we can end the politics of personal destruction."
But the president appeared to quickly forget his own message of civility, launching into an attack on the media for how it's covered news of the mail bombing suspect. "We have seen an effort by the media in recent hours to use the sinister actions of one individual to score political points against me," Trump said, in reference to reports the suspect is one of his supporters. "The media has tried to attack the incredible Americans who support our movement to give power back to the people. That's what our movement is."

NBC News
 At rally in North Carolina following arrest of pipe bomb suspect, President Trump accuses media of "constant unfair coverage, deep hostility, and negative attacks."

7:40 PM - Oct 26, 2018

As chants of "CNN sucks" echoed around Bojangles Coliseum, Trump claimed he wanted only "honest coverage" from the media. "Constant unfair coverage and unfair attacks only serve to drive people apart and undermine healthy debate," he said.
Two of the 14 pipe bombs sent out were addressed care of CNN's New York office, according to the FBI.
Later, Trump referenced Clinton, his former rival and one of the recipients of a pipe bomb, with the nickname he'd given her in the 2016 election. "Many of these Democrats, almost all of them, including [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer, including Crooked Hillary, including everybody — many of these Democrats approved the wall in 2006," Trump told the crowd, who broke into chants of "Lock her up."
"Oh boy, they're going to be reporting about you tonight," the president said.
CBS News on YouTube
While the president also mentioned California Rep. Maxine Waters — another recipient of a pipe bomb package — while speaking in North Carolina on Friday, he said he was "going to be nice tonight" and thus wouldn't make his usual remarks about her.
"I want them to say, 'he was so nice tonight,'" he said.
Earlier in the day, Trump appeared to suggest that news of the pipe bombs was somehow responsible for slowing GOP momentum at the polls ahead of November's midterm elections. "Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this 'Bomb' stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows — news not talking politics," Trump tweeted. "Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!"
Earlier this week, 10 packages containing pipe bombs were found addressed to a number of prominent Democrats — many of whom are also vocal Trump critics — including Obama, Clinton, Waters, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John Brennan, and actor Robert De Niro. On Friday, 
packages similar in appearance to those containing pipe bombs were discovered by authorities addressed to Sen. Cory Booker, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Sen. Kamala Harris, and Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer, bringing the number up to 14.
Here's an article below by a Globalist, I assume.
How ‘Lock Her Up!’ Became a Mainstream GOP Rallying Cry
Republicans at their convention this week have fully embraced the wing-nut caricaturization of Hillary Clinton
By Tessa Stuart
July 21, 2016
You can hear the disembodied voice of far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones booming through downtown Cleveland from several blocks away. “Now we’re going to push even harder, with more ‘Hillary for Prison’ t-shirts! How many ‘Hillary for Prison’ t-shirts we got here today?!” he screeches into the microphone.
I count at least 10 among the couple hundred people gathered here on the grassy bank of the Cuyahoga River Monday for the America First Unity Rally, organized by a band of eccentrics calling themselves Citizens for Trump.
Another t-shirt in the crowd, homemade, features a buck-naked woman, on her knees, pictured from behind, with Clinton’s head grafted onto her body. “Trump Will Lick Hillary’s Pussy Good,” it reads, with a smirking Trump in the background. Another shirt depicts a mash-up of Clinton’s face with Batman’s Joker: bugged-out eyes, green hair, smeared makeup, the words “What Difference Does It Make” — a reference to the Benghazi scandal — emblazoned across the bottom in red.
On display at this week’s RNC is just about every version of “Hillary Clinton” dreamed up over the last quarter century by wing-nuts like Jones and his rhetorical cousin, Roger Stone. Needless to say, none of these “Hillary Clintons” bear much resemblance to the Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, nor would they be recognizable to people who don’t pay much attention to right-wing talk radio.
Stone, a self-described GOP “hit man,” addresses this disparity when he takes the stage, in a summer suit and striped suspenders. “Let’s be very clear: The Hillary Clinton you see on TV is not the real Hillary Clinton,” he says. “She’s a reptile!” someone in the audience screams. Stone, showing uncharacteristic restraint, doesn’t go that far: “She is a short-tempered, foul-mouthed, greedy, bipolar, mentally-unbalanced criminal,” he says instead.
He digs deep, listing a series of scandals the Clintons have been embroiled in — or erroneously linked to — since the late Seventies: “travelgate,” Vince Foster
cattle futures. He rattles off the names of the women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment or assault. Then he gets to the Clinton Foundation: “This is not a charity; this is a slush. fund. for. grifters!” Stone booms.
He summons a chant of “No justice! No peace!” and adds a call to action: “We demand the prosecution of Bill and Hillary Clinton for their crimes!”
People like Stone and Jones used to exist on the party’s fringe; Jones, for instance, popularized the theories that 9/11 was an inside job and that Sandy Hook was a hoax. (His company sells those “Hillary for Prison“ shirts.) But over the last three election cycles, their messages have slowly leeched into the GOP water supply. And under Trump — one of the earliest and most enthusiastic proponents of the Obama “birther“ conspiracy — those messages have blended so seamlessly into the Republican mainstream that it‘s now virtually impossible to separate them.
This week, inside the convention hall, the same messages being spewed on the waterfront are being legitimized onstage and broadcast on national TV.
The mother of a soldier killed in Benghazi says Clinton was personally responsible for his death. Sen. Ron Johnson calls Clinton a “cold, calculated” liar. Businessman Andy Wist says “her only accomplishment is beating the rap every time she breaks the law.” Mitch McConnell tells folks, “Hillary Clinton will say anything, do anything and be anything to get elected president.” Ben Carson links her to Satan.
Mixed in with the character attacks are policy distortions. NRA official Chris Cox says “a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court means your right to own a firearm is gone.” Talk-radio personality Laura Ingraham says Clinton “doesn’t believe in borders.”
The theme is most potent in a speech delivered by Chris Christie Tuesday night. Christie, a former federal prosecutor who is rumored to be angling for an attorney general appointment after missing out on Trump’s VP slot, makes the argument that Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted — not just for her use of a private email server, which the FBI recently investigated, but for creating ISIS, being a Boko Haram “apologist” and “putting big-government spending financed by the Chinese ahead of jobs for middle-class Americans.”
Christie links Clinton to some 400,000 deaths in Syria because she once called the nation’s president, Bashar Assad, a “different kind of leader.” He declares Clinton guilty of giving Iran nuclear weapons, normalizing relations with Russia (something Trump has bragged he would do), and finally — stay with me here — of betraying the family of a murdered New Jersey state trooper because Clinton failed to demand, as a condition of renewing diplomatic relations with Cuba after half a century of enmity, that officials there track down and extradite the officer’s suspected killer so she could be tried in the U.S.
Christie’s speech brings down the house. The applause he receives is deafening — many decibels louder than the cheers that broke out a few hours earlier when Donald Trump was officially declared the party’s nominee. Christie has to stop talking at several points when the frothing crowd drowns him out with chants of “Guilty!” and “Lock her up!”
Those chants have become the unofficial slogan of the week’s proceedings, punctuating Wednesday evening’s speeches as well. “‘Lock her up!’ I love that!” Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi says from podium. Scott Walker draws on the same sentiment when he says of Clinton, “If she were any more inside, she’d be in prison.”
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is seen on stage at the Quicken Loans Arena after addressing the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 19, 2016.
On Tuesday, Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative who is in Cleveland as a Trump delegate and adviser to the campaign on veterans issues, took the trash talk to its logical conclusion, calling for Clinton’s execution. “This whole thing disgusts me,” Baldasaro said of Benghazi. “Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”
That was too far even for the Trump campaign, which distanced itself from the remarks.
But looking around the convention hall after Christie‘s speech Tuesday, one wonders if there are any reasonable Republicans left in the party, any individuals at all still grounded in reality — the reality where where Clinton has been deemed “extremely careless“ but not criminally negligent for her email server, and where 10 congressional committees and four years of investigations into Benghazi have failed to find any evidence of wrongdoing.
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona gives some hope on that front, gently chiding Christie on Twitter: “@HillaryClinton now belongs in prison? C’mon. We can make the case that she shouldn’t be elected without jumping the shark.”

Flake isn’t in Cleveland, though. He, like scores of other Republicans disenchanted by Trump, is watching the inmates take over the asylum from home.
The Clinton Crime Family. « Hillary is the Most Dangerous Presidential Aspirant in US History »
Hillary Vulnerable to Indictment on Federal Racketeering Charges
Par Stephen Lendman,
30 May 2016
The Bill and Hillary crime family long ago should have been held accountable for high crimes against peace and numerous others.
Hillary is the most recklessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history, supporting endless imperial wars and state terror, once saying “(w)hat do we have NATO for if not to defend our way of life.”
She endorses first-strike nuclear weapons use, calling them peacekeeping deterrents, mindless of their power to destroy life on earth.
She’s militantly anti-Russia, earlier compared the nation to Nazi Germany, Putin to Hitler, claiming “he doesn’t have a soul,” has revanchist aims, wanting Russian greatness restored – all of the above a perversion of truth, not to mention a pretext to wage war on Russia.
The so-called Clinton Foundation is a suspected criminal enterprise, masquerading as a charitable NGO.
It promotes Big Lies about “improving global health, increasing opportunity for women and girls, reducing childhood obesity and preventable diseases, (as well as) creating economic opportunity and growth…”
Film producer Frank Huguenard believes Hillary Clinton faces impending federal racketeering charges under the 1970 Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).
Enacted to fight organized and white collar crime, racketeering is defined to include fraud, bribery, money laundering, embezzlement, drugs trafficking, murder, and various other offenses under the Federal criminal code (Title 18), even acts of terrorism.
According to Huguenard, Obama-appointed FBI chief James Comey will recommend Attorney General Loretta Lynch treat “the Clinton Foundation (as) an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.”
Strong stuff if only partly true! Huguenard cites credible evidence, indicating the Clinton Foundation is largely a money laundering, influence peddling racket.
Less than 10% of “tens of millions of dollars donated” went for charitable purposes, the rest for self-enrichment.
“There is ample evidence already in the public record that the Clinton Foundation qualifies as a criminal enterprise and there’s no doubt that the FBI is privy to significantly more evidence than has already been made public,” said Huguenard.
If Comey recommends Attorney General Lynch indict Hillary Clinton, it’s unlikely she’ll prosecute a woman she’s had close ties to for years. Bill Clinton appointed her US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York – serving from 1999 – 2001.
From 2003 – 2005, she was a Wall Street controlled New York Federal Reserve Bank of New York board member – the mother bank most complicit with its member bank crooks.
From 2002 – 2010, she was a Washington-headquartered Hogan & Hartson (H & H) law firm partner. Its New York-based partner Howard Topaz filed income tax returns for Bill and Hillary Clinton, beginning in 2004.
In May 2004, H & H filed patent trademark documents for Denver-based MX Logic Inc., the computer software firm responsible for developing email encryption technology used to manage Hillary’s private email server, beginning in July 2013.
According to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, if H & H (now Hogan Lovells following a 2010 merger) “represented the Clintons on tax matters,” Lynch is responsible for disclosing any involvement she may have had, direct or indirect.
In April 2008 during Hillary’s first presidential campaign, The American Lawyer called H & H one of her largest legal industry supporters.
Partner Christine Varney was chief counsel to the Clinton/Gore 1992 campaign. The ties between H & H, Lynch and the Clintons are longstanding.
In November 2014, Obama announced her appointment as attorney general, succeeding Eric Holder, effective April 27, 2015 after Senate confirmation.
It’s hard imagining her biting a hand contributing greatly to her career advancement. Key for Clinton is how much more of her dark side becomes public knowledge besides what’s already known.
If enough despite Lynch declining to indict and supportive media scoundrels downplaying or whitewashing her offenses, the Democratic (sic) National Committee (DNC) might be forced to jettison her as damaged goods.
She’d be red meat for Trump to take full advantage of in the fall campaign. Would Bernie Sanders party bosses don’t want become Democrat standard bearer in July?
Or will Joe Biden or another high-profile party member perhaps be chosen as a late-stage establishment nominee, a brokered convention manipulating things?
America’s political system is too debauched to fix. Duopoly power eliminates governance of, by and for everyone equitably.
Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin – special interests served exclusively, ordinary people betrayed, the same outcome every electoral cycle.
Whoever succeeds Obama, likely worse than ever governance will follow. The greatest concern is preventing possible WW III.
Clinton’s rage for endless wars, along with her Sino/Russian hostility makes the unthinkable possible.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at
His new book as editor and contributor is titled « Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III. »
Visit his blog site at
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